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Hello and welcome to the Feelings Practitioner world!

Currently our appearance is in a process of transformation. Therefore our website shows only very condensed contents.

Feelings Practitioner Trainer Team (from left to right):
Katharina Kaifler, Michaela Arava Kaiser, Samoto Michael Hallinger, and Dagmar Thürnagel

In the meantime get inspired through our YouTube channel or by watching this video:


Feelings Practitioner Centers

You are dealing with a symptom and wish to be supported in a new way? Then reach out to us to book a personal session:

33803 Steinhagen, D
M. A. Kaiser

82152 München-Planegg, D
D. Thürnagel & S. M. Hallinger

8808 Pfäffikon, CH
K. Kaifler

You are also welcome to check us out in training spaces. By choosing one of the following offers, further information will occur as well as an email address for registration.

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