Feelings Practitioner Core Lab
Thu, Oct 31 @ 09:00 - Sun, Nov 3 @ 17:00 
  New Zealand
Language: English
Price € 555
Room and board extra. If you are living in and traveling from another country, a different tuition might apply - please ask on registration.
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#1 "Feelings Practitioner Core Lab“

Self-efficacy for holistic health - the beginning!

Discover your emotional body and your very own healing powers!

The gateway to the Feelings Practitioner path is the Feelings Practitioner Core Lab.

Here you will receive the essential distinctions and elementary processes of the Feelings Practitioner work that will enable you to shift your paradigm in dealing with illness and health. You will be initiated into the condensed knowledge behind "Feel to heal" in the form of clear, new mental maps and experiential exercises. Experience Feelings Practitioner Diagnostics, the healing power of resonance tissues, the Spine Rage Club or Organ Boogie and, above all, the fun of incarnating into the physical body!

You will discover a healing change of perspective and new dimensions in dealing with symptoms such as sleep disorders, joint pain, teeth grinding, allergies, back pain, nervous disorders, inflammation, digestive disorders, poisoning and much more.

Prerequisite for participation in a Feelings Practitioner Core Lab is participation in an Expand The Box training and ideally 1-2 Possibility Labs.

The Feelings Practitioner Core Lab is a 4-day in-person training.

Training times:
Session 1       09:00 – 10:50
Session 2       11:10 – 13:00

Session 3       14:00 – 15:50
Session 4       16:10 – 18:00

Session 5       19:30 – 22:00

On the last day, the training ends as indicated.