Our work

NOW, here and now

We build bridges to all bodies. This has led to the development of a completely new type of diagnostics based on comprehensive observation skills. The main direction of view does not go to the problem or symptom – these are only the pointers or keys to certain doors. Our concern is how to get the individual feelings back into flow. For this we open the perception - holistically in the here and now.

Discover and find individual paths

For our clients, we create a safe space where they can uncover and complete trapped emotional charges without skipping anything. We invite to include all perspectives. With our way of looking at feelings themselves and the interplay of all five bodies, this becomes possible. Pain and symptom are re-examined. According to the meaning of the word “symptom” (ancient Greek for “coincidence”) it is really about letting something fall together, that is, not “paste” it, but uncovering it and then finding individual ways of dealing with it.

Holistic, self-responsible and self-efficacy

Healing is associated with learning and personal growth. The Feelings Practitioner approach does not allow people to be passive, as happens in hypnosis. There the client gives himself in and therefore has only partial awareness of what is happening.
In a Feelings Practitioner Session I myself am affected, spectator and healer with my symptom. Here I am holistic, self-responsible and self-efficacy. What you have learned is available beyond the Feelings Practitioner Session and becomes part of a personal growth journey.
The principle of “Healer Village” is central to our work. Community is very important to us. Illness or physical defects do not lead to isolation or to the well-known 1:1 of therapist and client, quite the contrary.
Feelings Practitioners do not only look at the cause of the disease, but are also interested in the “real” meaning behind it. „Why did the symptom arise?” „What wants to be lived anew?” or „What pending chance was hidden behind it?” In our view, healing has something to do with the evolution of human beings, individually and collectively. We experience that “healing into full life” is possible.
You have a symptom and want to arrange an individual appointment for personal accompaniment? You can reach us here:
Bielefeld / Lisbon region
Michaela Arava Kaiser


Munich region
Dagmar Thürnagel


Samoto Michael Hallinger


Zurich region
Katharina Kaifler


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The Core Team

Samoto Michael Hallinger

„Being centered, agile and in the game on all levels fascinates me!"

I am a father of three adult/ grown children and a grandfather of four grandchildren. I am passionate about the development of the individual and the healing of the “tuned”: in my first profession as a piano maker / piano builder and in my vocation as a healer and trainer. Sometimes I refer to myself as a “piano whisperer and human tuner”. I have also been an Aikido trainer for over 30 years.
Being centered, agile and in the game on all levels fascinates me! In Possibility Management I have found the clear distinctions and the closeness to life that I have always wanted for myself and my clients. I provide generous listening, alert vision and a safe and humorous space. I see in many people the longing to live closer to their own truth, to be fulfilled in relationships, and at the same time to contribute to the greater whole.
The trainings that I give together with my wife Dagmar are based on love, vitality, clarity and our common passion: to support and inspire people to (re)connect with their inner strength, their fire and their own authority. Our trainings are spaces in which people break out of isolation, experiment as a team and enter a new healing land of learning.
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Michaela W. Arava Kaiser

„Collapses attract me because of what comes after, what comes through."

I've always felt that stress, pain, illness and conflict are gifts to be curious about, almost like Christmas presents. Breakdowns attract me because of what comes after, what comes through. Life is constantly in flux, always in process.
When I work with a client or a group, the river is fascinating to me. I get into the movement and suddenly a new panorama opens up, one that was not visible when I stood still and watched silently. A new approach is becoming feasible. I apply both linear and nonlinear technologies from physiotherapy to healing practices to possibility management. It is now 15 years in which I am a playful space in which healing takes place. I've learned so much and I can give so much to people. I am a companion in the transformation and bring inner beauty out to enjoy it, to share it. I actively support people to take new paths and to recognise and use their own strengths.
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Katharina Kaifler

„A Feelings Practitioner Session is like a journey to an unknown country, an adventure that calls me."

It is my passion to accompany people on the courageous journey of self-healing, to create spaces in which they discover their own voice - closer to their inner truth - and to find salutary forms of expression for their original impulses.
This involves confronting internal blockages and injuries and is not always easy - but it is fun and worth the effort.
I apply distinctions and techniques from Possibility Management, as well as those that have been given to me during my initiation trips to distant lands and in numerous trainings throughout my life with different teachers, or that are revealed to me at this very moment, as they are needed by a client or a group.
It is clear to me that as a Feelings Practitioner Trainer, my own learning and transformation can never stop. I use clarity, compassion, and enthusiasm to help people discover authentic communication, healing closeness, and amazingly fruitful changes of perspective. For me, there is nothing more beautiful than being there when people come into their power – when that tingling vital force flows through their veins. Suddenly they see what they have hitherto denied, speak from their heart, and their soul shines through.
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Dagmar Thürnagel

„I passionately support people in achieving freedom of movement beyond their established patterns in their hearts and souls"

I am wisdom, love, clarity, opportunity, empowerment. My archetypal lineage is that of the illusion butchers.
As far back as my memory goes, I was searching for the larger contexts and how being human works. Over many years, I mainly learned how it doesn't work – despite the seemingly best intentions and ostensibly good results. School left me with huge question marks in terms of practical life. The religion of my childhood was restrictive to my spirituality and my being a woman. In my studies of natural sciences I reached the limits of what my innermost feeling allowed as tolerable for our home planet. In relationships, I repeatedly became entangled in the same patterns. And in all of that, there were connections somewhere – I always knew that. One of these is, from today's point of view, the overestimation of what the human mind alone is capable of.
An apprenticeship in Alexander technology took me a big step further and brought me closer to the people. For over 20 years I have been supporting others to discover their obstructive habits in (body) coordination and to try out alternatives. This allows for more lightness, room for manoeuvre and painlessness in everyday life. On many levels, for me personally, the real breakthrough came with the Expand The Box and other Possibility Management trainings. I passionately support people in gaining freedom of movement beyond their established patterns also in their hearts and souls. It is a special pleasure for me to be in action together with my husband Samoto Michael Hallinger in the training room. I see and amazed how this can heal relationships, including those with Mother Earth.
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Feelings Practitioners not only look at the cause of illness, but are also interested in the "real" meaning behind it. "Why did the symptom arise?" "What would you like to relive?" or "What was the impending change behind it?" In our view, healing has something to do with the evolution of human beings, individually and collectively. We experience that “healing into full life” is possible.

You can find out more in our YouTube videos.