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Your feelings have the power to heal you.

The healing power of feelings

We are Feelings Practitioners and work with all our bodies: the physical, the mental, the emotional, the energetic and the archetypal body. The emotional body plays a central role, it is decisive in the interplay of all bodies. Emotions are used in their full quality and considered in the context of physical symptoms. The practical application of conscious feeling is completely innovative and distinguishes our work. Together, we investigate how the repression of feelings leads to symptoms on the one hand, and how the restored, or first-experienced, flow of feelings helps to dissolve these symptoms on the other.

We empower people to use the emotional body to uncover, release and transform their own emotional patterns and strategies behind physical symptoms in order to heal effectively.

We offer individual sessions for people with symptoms and have developed training courses for therapists to become Feelings Practitioners.
Feelings Practitioner
Core Lab
12. - 15. Sep.
Solar da Quinta do Pouchão - Abrantes (Portugal)
Feelings Practitioner
18. - 21. Sep.
Solar da Quinta do Pouchão - Abrantes (Portugal)
Feelings Practitioner
Core Lab
31. Oct. - 3. Nov.
New Zealand
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„My healing journey with Feelings Practitioner that changed my life.“

Would you like to get to know our work and tell us about your journey? Our online clinic offers you a safe room every Tuesday at 8 am CET and every Wednesday at 7 pm CET. Simply register at onlineclinic@feelingspractitioner.org, we will send you a free link and look forward to seeing you.