FP Session

New possibilities for your personal healing journey.

To decode the symptom language of your body, you can book a Feelings Practitioner Session. It gives you the opportunity to enter into a new relationship with your symptom or pain. Here you can find answers to the "why" in a held space, as well as try out new things to achieve different results for you and your body.

You will experience new dimensions in dealing with symptoms such as sleep disorders, joint pain, teeth grinding, allergies, back pain, nerve problems, inflammation, digestive disorders, poisoning and much more.

You can book a Feelings Practitioner session for yourself (individual session), but you can also attend a group (healing circle).

Feelings Practitioner Healing Circles are currently taking place in our centers in Steinhagen and Munich. You can find the dates in our calendar +.

You can find certified Feelings Practitioners for an individual session in different regions here.

Certified Feelings Practitioner

Michaela W. Arava Kaiser

„Collapses attract me because of what comes after, what comes through."

D-33613 Bielefeld
+49 521 260 2726

Dagmar Thürnagel

„I passionately support people in achieving freedom of movement beyond their established patterns in their hearts and souls"

Samoto Michael Hallinger

„Being centered, agile and in the game on all levels fascinates me!"

D-82152 München-Planegg

Katharina Kaifler

„A Feelings Practitioner Session is like a journey to an unknown country, an adventure that calls me."

CH-8808 Pfäffikon SZ
+41 76 246 89 46

Kathrin Feindor

„A Feelings Practitioner session is a delicate declaration of love to each of my cells. It makes me feel powerfully present and invited to BE alive."

D-33161 Hövelhof
+49 176 477 301 46

Michaela Hilbig

„I am inspired............
Where a soul lands back in its physical body, I am empty space in connection and silent joy with everything."

D-33613 Bielefeld
+49 162 734 3299

Susanne Hutzler

„Life is movement. In Feelings Practitioner spaces, life force bound by pain and illness is freed into a new mobility. What a joy!"

D-88213 Ravensburg
+49 160 909 665 53

Jördis Tielsch

„In Feelings Practitioner Sessions, I particularly enjoy (re)finding connection. By surrendering to what is, the path to being opens up, where we are whole."

CH-4057 Basel
+41 79 309 4756