The Feelings Practitioner Path

The Feelings Practitioner Path is open to both people who want to find new solutions for their symptom, and therapists who want to integrate the Feelings Practitioner's work into their existing healing work. For us, there is no difference here. Because the Feelings Practitioner's work is practical and concrete, is researched on one's own body and communicated with the body.

As you familiarize yourself with the work in the training sessions, you create a cartography of the heart, both your individual and collective. You will experience a comprehensive training of your perception, study the interplay of the bodies and train different qualities of holding space.

Whether you then use what you have acquired for yourself personally or make it available to others in the service is entirely up to you or your vocation.

You have experience with Possibility Management and have attended at least one Expand The Box training? Then you train and explore the Feelings Practitioner knowledge in our two training formats: "Feelings Practitioner Core Lab" (Introductory Training) & "Feelings Practitioner Lab" (Continuing Training).

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  1. Feelings Practitioner Core Lab

Prerequisite: Possibility Management Experience (ETB).

The gateway to the Feelings Practitioner Path is the Core Lab. There you will learn the essential distinctions and elementary processes of this work, which enable a paradigm shift in dealing with disease and health.

Experience Feelings Practitioner Emergency Medicine, the healing power of resonant tissue and in all the fun of incarnating into the physical body! Here you will experience new dimensions in dealing with symptoms such as sleep disorders, joint pain, tooth grinding, allergies, back pain, nerve disorders, inflammation, digestive disorders, poisoning and much more.

  2. Feelings Practitioner Labs

Prerequisite: Possibility Management Experience (ETB, 2 Labs)

Building on the Feelings Practitioner Core Lab, you will experience the depth and breadth of the evolutionary healing field in Feelings Practitioner Labs. Here the knowledge acquired in the Feelings Practitioner Core Lab is transformed into experience.

You're part of a research team on the pulse of the times. In the Feelings Practitioner Lab you will experience new processes, be inspired by new maps and have the opportunity to extensively train your perception. Here you create a cartography of your heart based on your own awareness and gain practical experience with holding space for various symptoms.

You build up a structure (matrix) within you that allows you to hold more consciousness. To become a Feelings Practitioner yourself, you train to hold a space in such a way that processes can reverse and patterns can change. You will learn to provide innovative tools and means to solve obvious and hidden emotional blockages.

New Feelings Practitioners are trained in the Feelings Practitioner Labs.

Feelings Practitioner Path is calling you

The Feelings Practitioner Path is an advanced specialization in the game world of Possibility Management.

If this work is calling you and you would like to become a certified Feelings Practitioner and perhaps a Feelings Practitioner Trainer yourself, talk to one of your trainers about your wish after your first Feelings Practitioner Core Lab. The trainer can then invite you as a Feelings Practitioner Apprentice to our weekly "Calling for Feelings Practitioners".

This is a multidimensional learning space in which Feelings Practitioner Apprentices, Feelings Practitioner Trainer Trainees and Feelings Practitioner Trainers exchange experiences, observations and questions.

The Path
To become a certified Feelings Practitioner yourself, you will attend the Feelings Practitioner Core Lab and five other Feelings Practitioner Labs, as well as doing your initiation work into adulthood (8 P-Labs). You take part in the online clinics again and again and regularly in the "Callings for Feelings Practitioners".

The trainer team will be happy to advise you on the prerequisites for your personal healing journey or on prospects for your vocational education and training. Write us and get a personal appointment: