„Feelings Practitioner Trainings are spaces for (self-) empowerment and love. The results speak for themselves.“

Lisa Ommert

„It works.“

Gabriel Millinger

„I burned my arm. I immediately used the Feelings Practitioner First Aid (emergency medicine) and no burn blisters formed. I hardly felt any pain. After two days, everything had healed apart from a little skin discoloration.“

Susanne Hutzler

„After I hit my head, I wanted to go into my strategy of surpressing the pain and to put myself together as quickly as possible to keep on functioning.

A Feelings Practitioner invited me to make the sounds, connect to the feelings and let them speak. I received a lot of information about a situation when I hit my head as a child, about how my mother is invading my spaces and how much energy I use to keep the anger (volcano) inside my head. Finally the volcano erupted. With this, the pain went down and I use conscious anger for being more responsible to set healthy boundaries (…)“

Alice Belz

„With the Feelings Practitioner work, I came into my body, which I previously only knew from the outside and from a scientific perspective. Since then, I have been connected to ever more subtle levels, allowing what is right now to be and to leave in its own time. Peace in the body.“

Jördis Tielsch

„Trusting the wisdom of my physical body is like standing on a high, windy precipice, looking down into the depths and then very carefully and slowly taking a step forward with my right foot, only to find that a bridge manifests itself under my foot out of the void and into nothingness. I can move forward on it. But this is not possible without fear and a bit of anger, which puts the right foot forward and the sadness that allows me to lean forward within myself. But then what explodes inside me when I am there and there and there is pure, pure, sparkling, self-expanding joy.“

Martina Riccarda Niklis

„I used to have symptoms in my intestines and guts, the main one was that I used to bleed. For years I was using the conventional medicine and it would slow down the symptoms, and if I would stop the medication, it kept coming back over and over.

I had ONE Feelings Practitioner session and with such a quality of spaceholding that It felt like I got my heart and bodies held by millions of different love hands. It was the Feelings Practitioner Love and Healing at my bodies and systems service. The symptoms stopped immediately. It was magic how a healer could have done that.

After that, I went to the hospital and my doctor told me: "I don't know what happened. If I did not had seen it myself before I would have called it an error. I have here the old exams and the new ones and there's no reminiscence of the 'disease'." He also told: "Congratulations to your body, it did something that worked". After approximately three years, the symptoms did not emerge in my bodies anymore.

I feel glad that I found Feelings Practitioner work, as it possibly have brought me more days to live this live on this Earth.“

Luís Trindade, Lisbon Portugal

„I did a Feelings Practitioner Session on the topic of my respiratory allergy, which I have been dealing with for over 35 years. It was a session that allowed me to tune in to my body from within and navigate my low-intensity feelings, decoding what was happening in my body and becoming empowered to deal with each crisis. After the sessions, the crises have been increasingly spaced out and with less intensity. And I have tools to deal with its causes. Pure magic and healing.“

Marco de Abreu

„I regained the strength of my sadness and recognized its value in the context of my healing and development. The field created by the coaches allowed me to get into a liquid state and use that in my rhythm and sensitivity to heal myself. This was it: A space where my joy healed.“

Marco de Abreu

„You become your own healer. When you heal in a village everyone heals. This Lab invites you to step into your inner world and see it from the inside, you might be surprised to see how different you are from the anatomic detailed pictures you paint about yourself. A whole new world is about to speak to you.“

Joana Cruz

„I was missing the feeling inside my body. I had the awareness of feeling energetically and mentally, but not in my body. For me, the Feelings Practitioner Lab means leaving behind the interdependence that the modern healthcare system brings and bringing me healing from within, connected to my feelings and connected to the outside world.“

Patricia Bastos Pereira